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Middle Blues 3-4 yrs

Independent Lessons with Instructor

30 Minutes; Max 4 Students 

Select Level:

MB1: Middle Blues 1

Introductory beginners. No previous water experience is required. 

  • Children who are very cautious may wish to try Little Blues.

  • This class is for the first time beginner who might be a little apprehensive.

  • Children will learn

    • Independent movement with a floatation device

    • Front and back float

    • Adjustment to face and ear submersion through games and individual exploration with instructor supervision. 

  • Water safety is a primary goal.

MB1b: Middle Blues 1b

Prior to enrollment: child should have had an organized lesson experience

  • Children should be able to before enrollment

    • Move independently with a flotation device

    • Feel comfortable on their back float with instructor assistance

    • Blow bubbles

    • Submerge face

    • Be able to push off the steps to instructor

  • Children will learn in MB1b:

    • ​Back Float with assistance/flotation

    • Front Float with assistance/flotation

    • Submerge underwater

    • Introduction to Rhythmic Breathing

    • Swim with flotation (face in water)

    • Slide into water with assistance

MB2: Middle Blues 2

Prior to enrollment: Child should be able to blow bubbles, submerge underwater completely, and do their back and front float with minimal assistance


  • Children will learn in MB2:

    • Back Float and Return to Standing

    • Front Float and Return to Standing

    • Kick on Back for 20 feet

    • Introduction to Backstroke with Flotation Device

    • Kick on Stomach with Flotation Device

    • Polar Bear Crawl on Stomach 12 feet

    • Slide into water, recover, and swim to side

MB3: Middle Blues 3

Prior to enrollment: Child should be able to do their front and back floats, kick on their stomach with flotation, submerge underwater, and Polar Bear Crawl 12 feet


  • Children will learn in MB2:

    • Back Float 10 seconds

    • Front Float 5 seconds

    • Kick on back 25 feet

    • Kick on stomach with Rhythmic Breathing for 10 feet (with side breathing)

    • Swim on stomach 15 feet and introduction to water recovery

    • Backstroke 15 feet

    • Retrieve object from bottom of the pool

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